Lee Pace Runs New York in ‘Lincoln’

Lee PaceLee Pace, notable for The Good Shepherd and his role on Pushing Daisies, will be taking a mayoral position over New York City in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Lincoln. Pace’s character is Fernando Wood, who was one of the big supporters of the Confederacy.

Interesting facts about Fernando Wood: he was born in Philadelphia, named after a character in George Walker’s The Three Spaniards, and worked as a shipping merchant before pursuing a political career. History, people.

Pace will share a good amount of scenes with the psychotic powerhouse of drama known as Daniel Day-Lewis, who will be playing—no, becoming—Abraham Lincoln.

This is not by a long shot Pace’s only imminent role: he’ll also be seen in both upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn movies as Garrett, and in both upcoming The Hobbit movies as King Thranduil. This is quite a spurt for the actor. He had really better (you already know it’s coming, so make peace with it) PACE himself!

Source: Deadline