Legendary Pictures Hoping For ‘Mass Effect’

Mass EffectLegendary Pictures, the film studio behind such nerd-friendly fare as 300 and The Dark Knight, has bought rights to Bioware’s popular video game series Mass Effect. The game focuses on the ambiguously gendered space cop Commander Shepard’s battles against the hive-mind Geth and mysterious Reapers. Mark Protosevich, the writer of I Am Legend and the upcoming Thor film is in talks to write the script.

Much of the series’ appeal, outside of romancing gorgeously rendered aliens and the fun of shooting people in space, is the game’s customizability: players can choose Shepard’s appearance, gender, love interests and even personality, from sociopath to boy scout. Despite the obvious limitations in bringing this central aspect of the game to the screen, Executive producer Casey Hudson remains optimistic that “‘Mass Effect’ was perfectly suited to be a motion picture.” And for a game with such a detailed, immersive world, there should be plenty for a movie to explore. As long as they keep the “big stupid jellyfish” line.

Source: Hollywood Reporter