Name the Classic Movie Scene from Its LEGO Likeness

Credit: Alex Eylar/flickr

LEGOs are in. While the eight-year-old inside of you has known this to be obvious for quite some time, it seems to have taken the world a while to come around to the fact. But the cherished childhood pastime is making its way back into the mainstream, earning placement in the form of a record-breaking X-Wing sculpture and a new exhibit set to open in Times Square on June 14.

Meanwhile, architectural genius Alex Eylar, who has been recreating famous movie scenes with LEGOs for years, tops the lot with a new homage to Scarface, pictured above. In honor of Eylar’s ceaseless devotion to the craft,  and our own passion for LEGOs (and, of course, movies), we’ve put together a gallery of some of Eylar’s greatest cinematic homages. Can you guess each movie the sculptures are depicting? Click below to test your knowledge.

Guess the Movie Scene from Its LEGO Likeness!

Credit: Alex Eylar/flickr

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