‘The LEGO Movie’ Trailer Assembles Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to Subdue Our Justice League Movie Cravings

With a Justice League movie still far too distant for our liking, we’re stuck seeking substitutes. Cinematic nicotine patches to subdue our cravings for the DC assembly. And in the most unlikely of forthcoming features we find ourselves, at least temporarily, tremor-free: The LEGO Movie, which, in the spirit of its all-encompassing eponymous toy line, brings together Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and just about every other beloved pop culture character we can think of.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Your traditional “average joe-turned-Chosen One” story has an ordinary LEGO figure (Chris Pratt) taking on a grand, fateful mission alongside the likes of the DC superheroes, mythical gods and creatures, historical figures, Ninja Turtles, and ’80s astronauts.

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