Lenny Kravitz to Play Marvin Gaye in New Biopic

ALTSomething tells us the world of legendary singer Marvin Gaye is a little bit different from The Hunger Games. At least, that’s what we’ve heard through the grapevine (sorry, we really can’t help ourselves sometimes). But if there’s anyone to ask, it’s definitely Lenny Kravitz, who recently locked up the role of the soul singer in Julien Temple‘s new biopic on the singer.

The role is interesting for many reasons, but is especially notable as the first starring vehicle for Kravitz, who’s taken a bit more of a shining to acting than singing these days. While is supporting turns in Precious, the aforementioned Hunger Games (golly, Cinna’s just the best, isn’t he?!), and Lee Daniels‘ upcoming White House drama The Butler, have been plentiful, headlining work has escaped Kravitz outside of sold-out concerts around the world.

Marvin Gaye’s life has long been one of interest for the movies, with features by F. Gary Gray and James Gandolfini both being sidelined by music rights issues. According to Deadline, those rights issues have already been sorted—meaning this one already has a leg-up on the others, and hopefully, a better chance at actually getting made.

This iteration of Gaye’s life story is said to focus on the time he spent in Europe in the early 1980s, while he attempted to get his many addictions under control and, in turn, his career back on track with the help of British music promoter Freddy Cousaert. Gaye was infamously killed shortly thereafter by his father in Los Angeles on April 1, 1984. The film is slated to begin filming next year.

Do you think Kravitz has what it takes to play Marvin Gaye? Let us know in the comments!

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