Leo DiCaprio Bails On Mel Gibson Flick

ALTLeonardo DiCaprio has bailed out of his upcoming film with official worst person in the world, Mel Gibson. Gibson, who is currently under investigation for domestic abuse against his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, had been set to start filming a historical epic about Vikings with DiCaprio in the lead this fall. According to a “source close to the actor”, the Inception star is has officially left the project, due to Mel Gibson’s latest case of batshit insanity.

DiCaprio’s decision to distance himself from Gibson doesn’t come as a surprise. As a result of his oft-discussed leaked phone calls with ex-girlfriend Grigorieva, which are full of racist slurs, swears, and threats of physical and sexual violence, the Passion Of The Christ director has become the most hated man in Hollywood since, well, Mel Gibson in 2004. The untitled Viking project isn’t the only film to be derailed by the actor’s public implosion; Jodie Foster-directed comedy The Beaver, which stars Gibson, was set to be released this year, but currently faces an uncertain future. There’s no reason why DiCaprio, whose recent role in Inception has been garnering rave reviews, would even consider associating himself with Gibson at this point.


As much as we hate to say it, a film written by William Monahan with Leo DiCaprio as a Viking could have been pretty cool (Think Braveheart, with horned helmets instead of kilts). There’s enough potential in the project, once you get Gibson out, that it’s not inconceivable to imagine another director picking it up. Preferably a director who isn’t a violent, racist prick.

Source: Radar