Leonardo DiCaprio is Producing a Dracula Picture

DraculaIn our world today, vampires are presented as hip, cool, indie-rock listening dudes. They drive nice cars. They’re rich. They’re sexy. But among all this shuffle, it seems that people have forgotten what vampires truly are — and that’s blood-sucking maniacs who turn into fucking bats.

Thankfully, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s production company, Appian Way, remembers. Turns out, vampires are really evil! Anyway, according to Deadline, the company plans to produce a picture based on Bram Stoker’s classic horror novel Dracula, but for the screen, the picture will be called Harker. The film will focus on Scotland Yard detective Jonathan Harker, who’s tracking Dracula. And sorry, this is the part where we, once again, tell you that DiCaprio is not playing the role of Dracula.

Traditionally when films have told the Dracula story, Jonathan Harker plays more of a supportive role. In the novel, he was actually a solicitor who traveled to Transylvania as a real estate agent, only to end up as Dracula’s prisoner who (spoiler! even though the book is over 100 years old!) eventually escapes and helps Van Helsing kill Dracula. But Harker appears to be the first film to take the Dracula tale in this direction and focus on Harker as the main character, which quite honestly, sounds pretty interesting.

Now here’s the question on everybody’s mind: who’d you like to play Harker?

Source: Deadline