Leonardo DiCaprio May Saddle Up for a Western Role

Leonardo DiCaprioFor many years now, Leonardo DiCaprio has been notably urbanized. Hitching to Scorsese’s wagon surely did nothing to divert this. But apparently, DiCaprio is setting his sights westerly. With westerns. If you’re not dead, you already know that he’ll be experimenting with villainy in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Now, DiCaprio is reportedly likely to take a role in an adaptation of the novel The Creed of Violence by Boston Teran (both cities, neither of which are in the American West. So what is this guy trying to prove?).

The two leads are up for grabs: an assassin/smuggler and a government agent whose lives become intertwined. Prior to the Calvin Candie news, it was relatively unheard of for Leo to take on the bad guy roles. But in this (almost) post-Django world, there are no rules.

Attached to direct Creed of Violence is Todd Field, who helmed Little Children. Interestingly enough, both Field and DiCaprio have had acting roles in episodes of Roseanne. So… do what you will with that.

Source: Slashfilm