Leonardo DiCaprio to Play the Only Hot Incarnation of Rasputin We’ll Ever See

Credit: WENN

Rasputin — he’s a bad guy, right? High school global history class pretty much swept over that chapter to devote enough time to World War I, so all we really have to go by is Anastasia, in which the historical figure was embodied by a tall, deplorable, Jafar-ian villain. So naturally, when you think Rasputin, you think Leonardo DiCaprio.

Unsatisfied with Calvin Candie as the identifying “going beyond type” role, DiCaprio is going for the role of Rasputin in a developing biopic about the Russian Imperial Family’s turn-of-the-20th-century advisor. Laden with a mysterious life story (and an even more mysterious death story), Rasputin should make for a pretty interesting central figure in a script to be crafted by American Sniper writer Jason Hall.

Deadline reports that the Warner Bros. project will be headlined by DiCaprio, who will either have to do some serious Christian Bale-style ugly-getting for this role, or will turn Rasputin into a newly alluring figure.

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