Leonardo DiCaprio Will Play the Only Version of Woodrow Wilson You Ever Found Attractive

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In between gambols atop the pseudo-Orwellian yet somehow life-affirming institution that is Citi Bike, Leonardo DiCaprio is wont to make a movie or two. The perpetual should-have-won is upping the ante on his already hefty sum of class with a presidential biopic. And he’s not taking the easy route with a tale of Lincoln or Washington, but instead the far less frequently discussed Woodrow Wilson. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Wolf of Wall Street star is producing the biographical drama Wilson, in which he’ll star as America’s 28th president.

Overseeing the country’s ascent into World War I, Wilson has quite the colorful historical chapter with which the eclectic powerhouse DiCaprio might play. On the personal side, Wilson also suffered through the death of his first wife Ellen Axson (while in office, no less), remarried a year later, stands as the only U.S. president to carry a Ph.D, and is one of only three acting presidents — and four presidents total — to win the Nobel Peace Prize (the others being Teddy Roosevelt, Barack Obama, and Jimmy Carter after leaving office). All this, we might add, on top of having been dyslexic.

And now some facts about Leo! He turned down a role in American Psycho, loves Citi Bike (worth mentioning again), and once attended the Manhattan immersive theater production Sleep No More, according to a friend of a friend who knows someone who works there.

DiCaprio’s film will derive from writer A. Scott Berg’s 2013 Woodrow Wilson biography (which, let’s be honest, is pretty much the Fifty Shades of presidential biographies).

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