‘Les Misérables’ Not So Miserable: Musical Breaks Records at Christmas Box Office


les mis christmas box office

There was a giant Christmas present waiting for Hollywood under the box office tree as Universal’s acclaimed musical Les Miserables posted the second biggest single-day Christmas debut ever with $18.1 million!  This is second only to the $24.6 million 2009 Christmas day opening of the first installment of the Sherlock Holmes franchise (and that was on a Friday!). The opening puts Les Mis in the books, now holding the record for the biggest non-weekend Christmas Day opening in history and also the highest ever opening day for a musical.

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If that was not enough to bring good cheer, Weinstein Co.’s latest Tarantino blood-fest Django Unchained, posted the third biggest X-mas day debut with $15.01 million and Warner Bros.’ The Hobbit which in its twelve day of release grabbed up another $11.3 million bringing its total to $168.3 million.

In fourth place with $6.3 million was the debut of Fox’s PG-rated family comedy Parental Guidance starring Billy Crystal and Bette Midler. Revving in to spot number five was the Tom Cruise action vehicle Jack Reacher with $5.3 million in its fifth day of release bringing its total to $23.25 million.

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This was an incredibly solid mid-week Christmas day performance with the overall day generating over $73 million and the wide diversity of film genres (from musicals to action to comedy) creating a movie-going Christmas cookie sugar high that saw the nation’s multiplexes as the main post-gift giving destination. This further solidifies our projection of a record-breaking overall box office year as we expect $10.8 billion in revenues through New Year’s Eve.

Take a look at the top Christmas Day openings of all time:

1. Sherlock Holmes



Fri, 12/25/09

2. Les Miserables



Tue, 12/25/12

3.  Django Unchained


$15,011,121 EST

Tue, 12/25/12

4. Marley and Me



Thu, 12/25/08

5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button



Thu, 12/25/08

6. Bedtime Stories



Thu, 12/25/08

7. Ali



Tue, 12/25/01

8. Catch Me If You Can



Wed, 12/25/02

9. Alien vs. Predator – Requiem



Tue, 12/25/07

10. Valkyrie



Thu, 12/25/08

11. Cheaper By the Dozen



Thu, 12/25/03

12. Patch Adams



Fri, 12/25/98

13. War Horse



Sun, 12/25/11

14. It’s Complicated



Fri, 12/25/09

15. Parental Guidance



Tue, 12/25/12

[Photo Credit: Universal Pictures]


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