‘Let It Go’ vs. ‘Everything Is Awesome’

Let It Go vs Everything Is AwesomeDisney/Warner Bros.

In the past few months we’ve fallen in love with two catchy movie songs, so much so that the lyrics are taking up valuable space in our brains that could be devoted to more important things, like our Buzzfeed quiz results — or taxes (Ha! Just kidding). Of course, we’re talking about the Academy Award winning single from Frozen “Let It Go,” and The Lego Movie’s critically overlooked “Everything Is Awesome.” (Where was the Tegan and Sara/The Lonely Island performance at the Oscars? Huh!?) However, out of these two songs, which will rule our headspace?

Idina Menzel singing Let It Go From Frozen


Tegan and Sara/ The Lonely Island singing Everything is Awesome!!! From The Lego Movie

Musical Ability

One of the best things about “Everything Is Awesome” is that you don’t need to have the pipes of a Broadway star in order to sing it. However, it has to be said that “Let It Go” takes more musical chops in order to perform. 

“Let It Go” 1, “Everything Is Awesome” 0


We’re all about a fantastic power ballad, but you can’t exactly dance to “Let It Go” — it’s more conducive to grand gestures and sassy hair flicks. However, you could totally catch us grooving to “Everything Is Awesome.”

“Let It Go” 1, “Everything Is Awesome” 1


Although the lyrics of “Everything Is Awesome” have a nice sentiment, it can’t beat the uplifting words and music of “Let It Go,” especially when it’s sung by Idina Menzel. She could make any song sound inspirational. 

“Let it Go” 2, “Everything is Awesome” 1


Although both songs can get stuck your head, the repetitive and simple nature of “Everything is Awesome” makes it ten times catchier than “Let it Go.” Even if we hear three seconds of “Everything is Awesome,” it’ll be in our heads for days. 

“Let It Go” 2, “Everything Is Awesome” 2

The Movie

Frozen or The Lego Movie? We can’t choose! So we’re going to have to side with the Academy on this one. Frozen won an Oscar, our hands are tied. (Blame President Business.)

“Let It Go” 3, “Everything Is Awesome” 2

Winner: “Let It Go”

(But, in all seriousness, we’re still going to have both these songs playing on repeat for at least a few more months.)