‘Let Me In’ Director Squashes Rumors Of ‘Cloverfield 2’

Matt ReeveSpeaking with IndieWire, Let Me In and Cloverfield director Matt Reeves talked about his next projects and unfortunately it looks like Cloverfield 2 will not be happening. At least not anytime soon. “Well, Cloverfield 2… we haven’t really decided what that would be yet,” Reeves said. He hopes that whatever big-studio movie he helms next will make enough money so he’s allowed to make his little passion project, The Invisible Woman. While not much is known about the it, IndieWire describes it as a “Hitchcockian thriller, mixed with a character drama.” And just to liven things up, they throw around Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Star Trek 2 as other possible projects though there is no substantial base for any of those.

Source: IndieWire