Liam Neeson Joins ‘Battleship’ Cast

ALT TEXTOscar-nominee and bad-ass extraordinaire Liam Neeson just joined the cast of Battleship. You know, that movie based on a board game? Yeah. That Battleship. Eeesh.

In the Peter Berg-directed film, Neeson will play Admiral Shane, a Naval officer near the center of a grand-scale science fiction story about a fleet of ships that defend Earth from alien invaders.

Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch and True Blood vampire Alexander Skarsgård, along with Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker, are all appearing in the Universal Pictures production. The movie is produced by Scott Stuber, Sarah Aubrey, and Berg, along with Hasbro’s Brian Goldner and Bennett Schneir, and Duncan Henderson. Filming started today in Hawaii, which is quickly becoming a go-to destination for any film that requires a beach, water, boats and scantily clad women.

Though I’ve no doubt in my mind that Neeson won’t steal the show (unless Skarsgard’s abs do), we can’t help but wonder why a veteran of productions as acclaimed and wide-ranging as Schindler’s List, Kinsey and Taken would join a guaranteed-to-be-awful film like this. Seriously. Aliens from space engaging in naval war? Blech. Nothing about Battleship sounds appealing. Maybe Neeson just wanted to make a quick buck….or needed a vacation, since Kitsch and Skarsgard will likely be doing all of the heavy lifting anyway.

Source: Deadline