Lily Collins Reportedly Exits ‘Evil Dead’ Remake

10395175.jpgThe seemingly cursed remake of Sam Raimi’s horror classic The Evil Dead encountered more turmoil today with the news that Lily Collins (Mirror Mirror, Abduction) has apparently dropped out of the project. Variety’s Jeff Sneider tweeted the revelation earlier today, citing “scheduling issues” as the cause for her departure. Lily had been slated to play the lead character of Mia, an ex-drug addict who holes up with four friends in a remote cabin, whereupon some evil spirits come knocking. In the original film, the lead was named Ash and played by Bruce Campbell, but a script polish by Diablo Cody did away with all that.

Director Fede Alvarez will need to get started on finding a replacement right quick; the film is due in theaters April 12, 2013.

Source: IndieWire