‘Lincoln’ International Trailer: A Rousing Pre-Election Preview

ALTThe new, international trailer for Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming biopic Lincoln hit the web today and it’s a sweeping, two-and-a-half minute ode to democracy and the power of voting. Too bad there’s nothing happening this week that would rouse or inspire legions of people about American freedoms and great leadership!

Okay, we kid, we kid. It’s likely no strange coincidence that the latest preview for the Daniel Day-Lewis lead powerhouse ensemble (which includes fellow Oscar winners, and probable future Oscar nominees, Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field) has come out on the eve of Election Day in the United States when emotions and opinions are already running high. 

During any other week it would be easy to watch the trailer for the epic drama and think, “Boy, this movie looks exciting! Daniel Day-Lewis might as well make room on his mantle for another Oscar now! Boo slavery! Yay Lincoln!” (Probably more eloquently put than that, but you get the idea.) But watching this particular trailer this particular week, it’s impossible to think of anything other than the divisive election. 
In fact, when you hear the words of the explosive Tony Kushner-penned script, you might wonder if it’s dialogue from Lincoln or soundbites from the 2012 Presidential campaign. Case in point: 
“Now one is as loved by you as the people, don’t waste that power.” 
“These votes must be procured!”
“We can’t buy the votes.” 
“Compromise, or you risk it all.” 
“Leave the Constitution alone!”
Watch the latest Lincoln trailer here and don’t forget, tomorrow you too can proclaim (preferably also in garb from the 1860’s) “Today we will vote!”: 

Lincoln (not this one, though that would have been just as amazing) opens in theaters on Friday. 
[Photo credit: 20th Century Fox]

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