‘Lincoln Lawyer’ Director in Talks for Pablo Escobar Flick

As notoriously elusive as Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar was to his pursuers, his story has just as stubbornly eluded the big screen. Two films based on his life – one helmed by Oliver Stone, the other by Joe Carnahan – have been set up, only to stall out in pre-production and be placed in turnaround. Brad Furman is hoping the third time’s a charm. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Lincoln Lawyer helmer has signed on to direct a new, as-yet-untitled Escobar biopic based on a script from Matt Aldrich. Scott Steindorff will produce under his Stone Village Pictures banner. Steindorff calls the project “The Latino Godfather,” a label I suspect Scarface might take issue with.

Vincent Chase is in talks to star.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter