Lionsgate Picks Up Kevin Smith’s Horror Film ‘Red State’

Kevin SmithLionsgate has purchased the rights to release Kevin Smith’s Red State in multiple digital platforms. Among those to star in Red State are John Goodman—no stranger to independent cinema—and Melissa Leo, notable for both her performance in The Fighter and her corresponding award-acceptance speech.

The film will be a great departure for the director, in that it is a horror movie, not a comedy.

Lionsgate’s deal with Smith’s own SModcast Picture label allowed the former to retain distribution rights to all packaged media, while Smith’s company would control theatrical distribution.

Lionsgate has worked with Kevin Smith in the past—in 1999, the company was attached to Smith’s religion-themed comedy Dogma. Smith had only positive things to say about Lionsgate’s collaboration with him and on their treatment and distribution of his films.

Red State will be available on multiple platforms this September, and will be released in packaged media at the end of the year.

Source: Hollywood Reporter