Lionsgate Picks Up Miley Cyrus’ ‘LOL’

Miley CyrusYou know internet-speak is too ubiquitous when we start naming movies with it. I was worried when my mom started using “LOL” but now, thanks to this new movie I’m sure even my grandma will start sending me texts full of LOLs. That’s right, Lionsgate just picked up the distribution rights for a comedy called, you guessed it: LOL. (A comedy with laughing in the name? How clever! Not.) Thanks, Hollywood. Just please don’t make a sequel titled ROTFL – that acronym is the worst.

The film stars Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, and Twilight alum Ashley Greene and explores the world of teenagers as it’s affected by technology (your average “iPods, Facebook, Twitter, and texting are changing our kids!” story) and the gap that has formed between youngsters and their less tech-savvy parents. Of course, plenty of “nowadays” issues ensue: mom finds a racy journal entry, parents are divorced and mom’s dating a hot young guy, high school is hard (oh wait, that’s not new). The cherry on top is the main character’s name, Lola (Miley Cyrus). Are they serious? Lola is the main character of LOL. They should have just called her Lolz and called it a day.

Now before I get carried away with my angry little rant, I must note that the film is based off of the French film, Laughing Out Loud, and was written and directed by the same woman. If she’s making it twice and the French version was a hit, perhaps there’s something to it after all.

Source: ComingSoon