‘Little Miss Sunshine’ Team Reuniting For ‘He Loves Me’

Zoe KazanThe directors of Little Miss Sunshine, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, haven’t been up to much since their little indie darling made a butt load of money. In fact, they haven’t helmed a feature since. That’s about to change as they have signed on to direct He Loves Me.

Besides boasting the same behind-the-scenes team that made Sunshine, He Loves Me also boasts Paul Dano, the standout star of the picture (well, he’s almost the stand out. Abigail Breslin definitely did her part getting nominated for an Oscar and Steve Carell showed some dramatic gravitas as well) who will be starring. To make things even further incestuous, Dano’s girlfriend Zoe Kazan will be co-star. Oh yeah, she’s writing the damn thing too.

He Loves Me follows a struggling young novelist (is there ever any other kind of novelist in films?) who is struck by writers block. He’s encouraged to “write the woman he thinks will love him” and – surprise, surprise – he wills that woman into existence (Kazan). It’s an Interesting premise and, considering Dayton and Faris have turned down many lucrative deals since Sunshine, this one must be worth their time…and ours.

Source: LA Times