Can You Recognize These Superheroes in the Lone Ranger’s Mask?

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

The Lone Ranger truly is an incredibly superhero. Not only does he have a really cool horse and Johnny Depp as his sidekick, but he has the ability to remain anonymous with the tiniest of disguises. With just a slip of a mask and a regular ten-gallon hat, John Reid (played by Armie Hammer in the new Disney adaptation) is able to transform into someone else entirely — fooling friend and foe alike. 

The Lone Ranger is such a master of disguise, he’s got all the other superheroes wondering why they’ve been trying so hard. From Batman to Spider-Man and beyond, 10 of the world’s favorite superheroes decide to give ol’ Rangey’s stripped down costume a spin. Can you tell who these masked crusaders are?

(Of course you can, that’s why it’s funny.) 

GALLERY: 10 Superheroes Try on the Lone Ranger’s Awesome Mask

Credit: Illustration

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