New ‘Lone Ranger’ Clips: Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer Board a Runaway Train!

Who says the Western is dead? The comic banter and epic action set pieces on display in three new clips from Gore Verbinski’s Disney reboot of the classic 1950s TV series The Lone Ranger may be set in sagebrush and saddle territory, but it could pretty much fit in with any tentpole spectacle.

In a sense, Armie Hammer‘s title character and Johnny Depp‘s Tonto are the core of the ultimate action-driven buddy comedy, complete with all the brooding overtones — the Lone Ranger is the survivor of massacre haunted by guilt and driven by revenge — you find in so many blockbuster movies these days, especially those in which the main character wears a mask. One of these clips shows how the Lone Ranger first dons that mask, and another shows the duo’s unique solution for escaping from a hired gun. Saddle up, pardner!

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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