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In this weekend’s Looper, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is transformed into a younger version of Bruce Willis through the magic of prosthetic makeup. He looks spot on — the kind of nose job every Hollywood star dreams of. But the brilliant makeover got us thinking: is Gordon-Levitt the only Hollywood star who could play a young Bruce Willis?

Second only to walking out of a plastic surgeon’s office with a great nose job, every actor and actress wishes they could have the kind of staying power that Bruce Willis has displayed over the years. Gordon-Levitt had that wish granted. Literally becoming the man isn’t just a makeup wizardry success (although, bravo to the team behind Looper), it solidifies the person under the latex as a bona fide successor.

As an experiment to see who else could take over the mantle of Bruce Willis by donning the legendary actor’s features, the Hollywood.com photo team whipped up a few “What Ifs” to feed curiosity!

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Images by Samantha Xu

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[Photo Credit: Sony Pictures (2); WENN; Photo Illustrations by Hollywood.com]


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