Lopez and Fonda Caught Up in ‘Monster-in-Law’ Lawsuit

Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda have found themselves entangled in a lawsuit over their 2005 film Monster-in-Law amid allegations of copyright infringement.

Sheri Gilbert of North Carolina claims the film was similar to a script she wrote in 1998 about her struggles with her mother-in-law — and she’s accused producers of the Hollywood hit of stealing her work.

According to the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Raleigh, North Carolina, Gilbert and her husband Willie are seeking a share of the near $155 million the comedy made worldwide.

An attorney representing movie studio Warner Bros. and 33 other defendants, including Lopez and Fonda, has dismissed claims that the similarities are more than just a coincidence, and is requesting that the lawsuit be dismissed, reports the News & Observer of Raleigh.

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