‘Lost’s’ Matthew Fox and Ed Harris Join ‘World War Z?’

ed harrisIf you’ve read the book World War Z, you know there are plenty of opportunities for big-name stars to take on roles in the film since each chapter is its own little vignette with Brad Pitt weaving the thread through them all. So, it makes sense that Matthew Fox and Ed Harris are in talks to join the cast. But man, I sure do hope they are staying as faithful to the book as possible because if they don’t it would suuuuuuuck. So who could they play? Hell if I know, to be honest. Instead, let’s go through the big story lines from the book that I really hope they include, shall we? Of course we shall, I’m steering this ship, dammit!

The Japanese blind swordsman, who kicked all kinds of ass. The submarine, which is super creepy.The South African insane guy who came up with the plan — a big ol’ twist!The surgeon in South America, which is, again, creepy. The films they made in America; this would actually probably be boring, but I think it’ll be included.

What’d I forget?

Source: Deadline