Louis Leterrier to Direct ‘Fantastic Voyage’ for James Cameron?

ALT TEXTJames Cameron is not directing the remake of the microscopic sci-fi adventure, Fantastic Voyage. He’s decided to produce and Deadline reports that he wants Clash of the TitansLouis Leterrier to direct. For real. We’re not kidding. Even after that disaster, Leterrier is getting work. Looks like anything is possible!

The story revolves around a group of scientists who shrink themselves so they can enter the body of an injured man and prevent him from dying. Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) is writing the script. There’s been a few directors circling this project, from Paul Greengrass (who passed on the project earlier this year) to Darren Aronofsky (who’s now signed on for Wolverine 2). However, with those two out of the picture, it looks like Leterrier may claim the job.

Cameron’s Avatar team will be doing work on the project, which is expected begin production in early 2011. In order to create the environment, they’ll craft photo-realistic CGI versions of the human body. And in order to avoid the cringe-worthy 3D conversion that Leterrier released upon us with Clash, the director will use Cameron’s equipment to shoot the whole film in 3D from the start.

Based on what we know of Fantastic Voyage thus far, it seems to have more of an emphasis visual bravado than narrative strength. Right now, the premise of the plot seems a bit like a stereotypical sci-fi film — humans run into problems and venture into unknown territory. But still, with Cameron producing and his technical team working on the project, it should be visceral experience at the least. Plus, it will be pretty cool to see what type of world is created inside the freaking human body. Whoa, man.

Source: Deadline