‘Lovelace': Is That Really Amanda Seyfried? — POSTER

The world has been spoiled by the supernatural transformation undergone by Sir Anthony Hopkins for the upcoming film Hitchcock (previously titled Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho), but all things considered, Amanda Seyfried’s aesthetic take on Linda Lovelace is none too shabby. Seyfried will play the pornographic film star in the biopic Lovelace, which has released a new poster.

Seyfried certainly doesn’t look like herself in the image. The young actress is known for her inimitable giant green eyes and light blond hair, both of which she has shed to become the darker Lovelace and tell her severe story.

Peter Sarsgaard plays Lovelace’s abusive husband and manager Chuck Traynor, who is said to have forced her into the pornography business. Other noteworthy figures from counterculture will be represented in the film, including Hugh Hefner (played by James Franc) and Gloria Steinem (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Check out the poster below, and consider whether or not you think Malin Akerman will be able to top this for the rival biopic Inferno (or if she’ll ever have to).


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