15 Low Budget Movies That Cashed In Big At The Box Office

15 Low Budget Movies That Cashed In Big At The Box Office

Juno, Ellen Page, Michael Cera

When it comes to making movies, one of the biggest obstacles is having enough money to bring a vision of movie magic to life. A lot of creative thinking, cutting corners and compromising comes into play, but these films found a way to keep cost low and cash in big at the box office!

Napoleon Dynamite


The story of an awkward teen who runs for class president was given a budget of $400K, and won by a landslide at the box office, pulling in $46 million dollars.
Lost In Translation

Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson brought the story of a washed up actor and a neglected young wife's unlikely friendship in Tokyo to life in this $4 million dollar movie.  It proved to be a resounding success, making $120 million worldwide.

The Blair Witch Project

This $60K horror movie was groundbreaking for not only being one of the first films to ever go viral, but also smashing box office records with a staggering $248 million in earnings.

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Sylvester Stallone's passion project about an underdog boxer was given just under a million to make ($995k to be exact), and packed a punch when it hit theaters, making $225 million



This funny and heartwarming story of teen pregnancy recouped the $7.5 million budget 30 times over with box office earnings of $231 million.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

$5 million dollar investment to make My Big Fat Greek Wedding turned into a global smash, raking in $368 million worldwide.

The King's Speech

This Best Picture Oscar winning film went from a humble $15 million budget beginning to a $414 million box office success.

Friday The 13th

It cost a mere $550k to tell the story of camp counselors being stalked and killed while reopening a summer camp, but the real killing was when it hit theaters and earned $59.7 million. Eep!

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Little Miss Sunshine

This cross country family road trip to a beauty pageant cost $8 million to make and won big time at the box office, bringing in $100 million dollars. 


This low budget $27k comedy brought out big laughs and a big return with over $3 million in sales at the box office.

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Slumdog Millionaire

With a $15 million dollar budget, the story of a young man recounting pivotal life events that lead to his success on the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, blew away the box office with $377 million in earnings.

American Graffiti

George Lucas' major movie directorial debut cost $777k to make and went on to become a Hollywood classic, earning 5 Oscar nominations and over $140 million at the box office.

Mad Max

For twenty years, Mad Max held the Guinness World Record for highest profit-to-cost movie ever, with a $300k budget and bringing in $99.75 million at the box office.