Lucas and Spielberg Are Hollywood’s Biggest Earners

Legendary filmmakers George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are the biggest male earners in Hollywood, according to a new study by Forbes magazine.

The pair, who worked together on last year’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, proved that the real money in Tinseltown was to be made from behind the camera. 

Star Wars mastermind Lucas was the highest paid man in the industry, pulling in $170 million in the last year, while Spielberg fell just behind in second place with $150 million.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer was in third with an estimated yearly wage of $100 million.

Meanwhile, TV comic Jerry Seinfeld is still garnering big bucks from his beloved Seinfeld sitcom — despite the show finishing in 1998, he made $85 million in syndication rights and TV ads. 

Oprah Winfrey proved she had the touch once again — her male protégée Dr. Phil McGraw took home $80 million in the last year.

Other big earners include American Idol judge Simon Cowell, TV producer Dick Wolf and filmmaker Tyler Perry.

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