Luhrmann May Shoot ‘Gatsby’ In 3D

The Great GatsbyBaz Luhrmann has never really been known making economical or conservative choices in filmmaking. Take a look at any of his hit movies – Australia, Moulin Rouge!, or Romeo + Juliet – and you’ll see that opulence and outlandishness are the name of the game. I guess that’s why it’s not so surprising that he’s toying with the idea of shooting his upcoming Leonardio DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan-fueled adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby, in 3D.

The director admitted that he’s been “workshopping” the idea of filming Gatsby in 3D but that he’s not made his final decision quite yet. The comment came out of a discussion at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where Luhrmann was one third of a panel featuring Oliver Stone and Michael Mann tackling movies and Blu-ray technology. Stone offered up a bit of cautionary advice, “Don’t shoot a 3D movie unless you can afford it, otherwise you are putting yourself under enormous pressure.” Well thank you very much, Captain Obvious.

As for Luhrmann’s next project, I’m already apprehensive about his style for the film in the first place and now with the notion that he could add 3D to something that will already be a bit avant-garde is a bit worrisome. Fitzgerald was a huge fan of opulence, and his classic tale makes that obvious; I’m just not sure that 3D is the right vehicle to take us to that lap of 1920s luxury.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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