Luhrmann Workshops ‘Gatsby’ in NYC with Dicaprio, Maguire and Hall

ALTBaz Luhrmann workshopped his Great Gatsby project in New York last weekend with Leonardo DiCaprio reading the part of Jay Gatsby, Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway and Rebecca Hall in for Daisy Buchanan. Both Deadline and The Wrap reported the news on Monday.

Luhrmann, who has not yet decided whether Gatsby will be his next film, is writing the project with his frequent collaborator, Craig Pearce, and is producing with Catherine Martin and Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick. The project is set up at Sony. According to Deadline, the reading went well.

Also per Deadline, Luhrmann workshops every script he’s considering and there’s no guarantee those actors will wind up starring in the film. Reports have also mentioned Amanda Seyfried as a possible Daisy while Deadline’s Mike Fleming says he’s heard Luhrmann is sweet on Natalie Portman.

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