Mac & Devin Go to High School | 2014

Fate makes unlikely companions of Devin, who wants nothing more than to be valedictorian, and Mac, who has been a senior for 15 years.


Snoopadelic Films

Production Company

Taylor Gang Films

Production Company


Mac is the coolest weed dealer at N. Hale High. Devin is the brainy class valedictorian. Devin needs straight 'A's to get a scholarship, and Mac needs to finally graduate so he can date a sexy substitute teacher. But when these two are teamed on a big chemistry project, they'll need each other to get over. Now with the help of their shady math teacher, a demented classmate, new tattoos, sexy strippers, some trippy animation and the finest kush in Cali, can Mac and Devin keep it young, wild and free?