‘Mad Men’ Creator Nabs Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis for Big Screen Debut

Zach GalifianakisPicture Madison Avenue in the 1960s — fancy suits, martinis in hand, elitist commentary about the working class. And of course, the beards. The big, bushy, face-swallowing beards. At least that’s what you’d get if you teamed Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner with Zach Galifianakis. While you’ll probably never see Galifianakis pitch an ad campaign to Don Draper (which might go something like this), there is a collaboration in the works: Weiner is writing and directing his first feature film, You Are Here, which is set to star Galifianakis and Owen Wilson.

The plot will follow a man (Galifianakis) who comes upon a large inheritance thanks to his recently deceased father’s coin collection and spends his riches on a road trip with his childhood best friend (Wilson). Although they share several frequent co-collaborators (including Will Ferrell and Jason Schwartzman), this will be the first time that Galifianakis and Wilson will pair onscreen.

To add to the project’s excitement, Amy Poehler is also in talks to join the film.

Weiner is synonymous with Mad Men today, but has a hefty resume including The Sopranos, Becker and the underrated Andy Richter Controls the Universe. The writer/producer tells Variety, “This movie has been my passion for eight years and to see it come together with Owen and Zach and Amy is a dream come true. I can’t wait to get started because the movie is about everything I care about and I’m tired of reading it out loud to my friends.”


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