Maggie Grace, MacKenzie Foy Join ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’

ALT TEXTBoyfriends of Twihards everywhere, rejoice!

Maggie Grace — a.k.a. this hottie — just signed on to play Irina, the new vampire threat to Bella, in the upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn directed by Oscar-winner Bill Condon. Looks like dudes have at least one reason to go to a midnight premiere with their girlfriends!

In the books, Irina is part of the Denali coven — cousins of the Cullen clan and the only other “vegetarian” vampire group (you know, they don’t suck the blood of innocent people). But of course, relationships don’t last, even if you have the same diet. Irina’s lover dies of something, so she does the logical thing and blames the Cullens (but in her defense, why wouldn’t you? That family is creeeeeepy). Regardless, she’s pissed at K-Stew’s character and $#*! goes down.

Anyway, there’s more casting news. Remember that nasty-ass birth scene that everyone is all up in a roar about? Well, Bella and Edward’s love child is very close to getting a face: nine-year-old MacKenzie Foy.

Reports say that the young actress is “inches away” (whatever that means) from signing on to play Renesmee, but there’s some confusion how she’ll play the part. In the books, Renesmee ages a full 17 years in only seven years. Some speculate that Condon will go all Benjamin Button and use CGI to depict the actress’ age.

To round out casting news, earlier this month, hunk Rami Malek signed on to play Benjamin, another vampire friend to the Cullen family.

Breaking Dawn will be split up into two parts with each adapted by screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter). The first picture releases November 18, 2011, followed by the second on November 16, 2012. So, just letting you know in case you want to, err, avoid the mobs and leave the country or something.

Sources: Deadline and Hollywood Insider