‘Magic Mike’: Channing Tatum & Alex Pettyfer Find Themselves, Lose Their Clothes — TRAILER


Emmitt Youth is the time to find yourself. It’s the time to figure out who you are, what you want, where you’re going, when you’ll get there, and, most importantly, why. Channing Tatum sums up the why to his choice to become an exotic dancer in the below international trailer for Magic Mike. Says Tatum’s titular character, he does it for “Women, money, and a good time.” But of course, that won’t be enough forever. Cue: Cody Horn — the girl who can turn it all around. And her brother, Alex Pettyfer — another dude who is going to take his clothes off. Win-win.

But despite the weight of self-exploration, Magic Mike seems most concerned with having fun… and that’s a great thing. While there are definitely dramatic struggles that go along with making one’s living as an exotic dancer, the whole thing “is pretty funny,” (another parable of wisdom delivered by Tatum in the trailer).

In essence, the movie seems to have everything. Self-exploration, romance, fun, shirtlessness, and wisdom. Enjoy each in the new trailer below!


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