‘Magic Mike’ Drinking Game: The Rules


Let me start out by saying that Magic Mike is a solid, fascinating film that would be enjoyable in any state of mind, and that Hollywood.com in no way endorses sneaking alcohol into movie theaters. But sometimes they hire people who do, and I entered my industry-packed screening last night with the full intention of creating a fun drinking game that will make you and your cohorts feel as sky-high as those lucky Magic Mike strip club extras. We hate them. We hate them so much.

So without further ado, soak up (or print out) the rules that myself and Hollywood.com’s Leanne Aguilera painstakingly created after hours of careful deliberation, (or minutes of giggling at The Cheesecake Factory), find an unlucky designated driver, and lose yourself in the official Magic Mike Drinking Game!

Take One Drink:

During any gyration

When you find yourself getting jealous of an extra

Any time Mike and Paige converse, awkwardly

When you see a thong

Any time you see a stereotypical stripper costume (fireman, cop, etc.)

When Matthew McConaughay’s nipples are front and center

Whenever Alex Pettyfer looks or acts shady

When find yourself actually admiring the dancing

Take Two Drinks:

Whenever your favorite man gets his solo

When you find yourself wishing Matt Bomer was straight (Ladies drink! Sorry, gays.)

When you see more of Olivia Munn than you wanted to see (We came here for the dudes!)

When there’s a pig on-screen

When there’s a visible penis-pump (Also, when it’s mentioned. Why not?)

When a Marilyn Monroe dress makes an appearance

Ass-less. Chaps.

Take Three Drinks:

When you see the “penis shadow.” You’ll know what we mean.

Any time Channing Tatum does a backflip

When you hear Ginuwine (Because he’s Donna Meagle’s cousin!)


“So, how pregnant did you get that girl’s mouth?” (You’ll know it when you see it.)

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