We Have to Hack Into the Mainframe!: A Supercut Ode to an Age-Old Movie Plot — VIDEO

Movie Mainframe Video Tribute

Because we’ve collectively watched so many movies, we know the phrase “We have to hack into the mainframe” loosely translates to: “We need a computer genius who munches on Fritos and slurps Pepsi to bypass all this security nonsense and get into this computer the size of three executive offices, stat!”

There was a point in time when hacking into the mainframe was just about the coolest, most badass computer technology espionage possible. But now, when you can access most top secret, personal, precious information from the touch screen of a smart phone, movies have to try a little harder. The mainframe movie plot doesn’t carry as much weight.

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But we can still remember a time when mainframe-cracking was the height of big screen tech. A time when a simple flourish of computer keys with the help of a guy in a Hawaiian shirt could save the day. And we will never forget. Or maybe we will after watching this Ode to Movie Mainframes video from Slackstory, featuring scenes from GoldenEye, The Matrix, Beverly Hills Cop,  and Alien: Resurrection, to name a few. I give you until the one-minute mark before you start to forget what the word “mainframe” even means. Mainframe. Mainframe. Mainframe. 

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