Major League Sequel In The Works With Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen major leagueThe bases may be loaded for the sequel to baseball comedy Major League. While Charlie Sheen, who starred in the original film, has been discussing the possibility of a sequel for some time, we didn’t pay much attention because Charlie Sheen has been…eccentric of late. However, original director David S. Ward confirmed in an interview with Sports Illustrated that he has been working on a sequel to the baseball hit. So unless Charlie Sheen has been liberally sharing his cocaine, there may be some truth to the rumor.

The new sequel would, according to Ward, be set twenty years after the original, and presumably would integrate new information about the real Cleveland Indians (who have won two pennants in the intervening years, but not a World Series.) Original cast members Tom Berenger (Inception), Corbin Bernsen (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang) and Dennis Haysbert (24) have said that they would be willing to reappear, along with the always-eager Charlie Sheen.

There have, in fact, already been two sequels to Major League- Major League II in 1994 and Major League: Back to the Minors in 1998, but both films were critical and commercial busts. Perhaps Ward will be able to ride the nostalgia wave from the original film all the way from the bank. Certainly the world of professional baseball is still ripe for parody.

Source: Vulture