Malin Akerman Joins Ethan Hawke In ‘The Numbers Station’

ALT TEXTMalin Akerman is vowing to protect and serve, but this time, not behind a superhero costume.

The Swedish-Canadian actress just signed on to an upcoming CIA thriller called The Numbers Station, also starring Ethan Hawke.

The film tells the story of a disgraced black ops agent whose sole duty is to protect a young woman in the middle of the Nevada desert. The job starts out as a dead-end position, but the two come under attack, and it quickly turns into a fight to stay alive.

The $10 million picture is scheduled to begin shooting in early 2011. Directed by Kasper Barfoed (The Candidate), it’s produced by The Cooler’s Sean and Bryan Furst.

Akerman should take advantage of this opportunity. In her previous work, she’s blended too easily into the cast, not bringing much more than a pretty face to the screen (like Couple’s Retreat). Or, she’s had to deal with heavy plot themes (think Watchmen), which overshadowed her acting. With The Numbers Station, as the female lead, she’ll carry a heavy portion of the screen time and will need to give a solid performance for a successful movie. Hopefully, she can handle. Come on Silk Spectre, we believe in you!

Source: Variety