Malkovich and McDormand Join Transformers 3

John MalkovichSource: Paramount Pictures and  Michael Bay

Sometimes casting news comes out of left field, but this report is so far out there that it may as well have originated from Cybertron. John Malkovich and Frances McDormand have signed up for Paramount and DreamWorks highly anticipated Transformers 3.

 Director Michael Bay updated his own website with the news that the the Oscar winning (McDormand) and nominated (Malkovich – twice to be exact) duo, who appeared on screen together in 2008’s Burn After Reading, would join the film as the National Intelligence Director and the first boss of franchise star Shia LaBeouf, respectively.

It’s not totally out of the ordinary for the series to snag talent of this quality. Jon Voight appeared in the first film while John Turturro has been a part of both chapters of the CGI heavy franchise which has grossed over $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office thus far. Still, these are two actors who lean towards the art house – and while McDormand worked on Paramount’s failed big-budget adaptation of Aeon Flux and Malkovich will be seen next as the villain in Warner Bros. tent pole Jonah Hex – to see them juxtaposed frame by frame with Megan Fox and various Robots In Disguise is surprising, to say the least.