Video Tells Us Everything Wrong with ‘Superman Returns’: Can ‘Man of Steel’ Avoid These Problems?

To the select few out there still holding onto an impassioned reverence for Superman Returns, we have a special sympathy. Good for you. Stick to your guns. Don’t let ’em see you cry. But also, this post ain’t for you. Instead, it’s for the vast majority of Americans who saw the 2006 film and despised everything about it. What with Man of Steel close to release, the lot of you are inclined to revive that Returns derision, vocating hope that Zack Snyder’s turn with Clark Kent will not be the same sort of mishap. But how can we be sure that the Watchmen director won’t screw things up? With a simple checklist of everything that Superman Returns got wrong.

The above video, created by CinemaSins, runs quickly through the 2006 feature, highlighting at a rapid pace all of the major errors that befell its poor audiences. Check it out and hope for the best come Man of Steel‘s June 14 release!

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