‘Man of Steel’ Moved to June 2013 Release

Zack SnyderThe real impending disaster of December 2012 is that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel will not debut during it. In fact, the Superman movie is pushed to June 14, 2013. Now, as appropriate as Flag Day is for the release of the defender of the American way (among truth and justice), this is outrageously angst-inducing. As it was, 2012 was set to be quite a year for superhero films. First, a fun-filled adventure with The Avengers. Then, the heavily-anticipated (no matter what side of the fence you’re on, you’re definitely waiting to see what this movie shapes up to be) The Amazing Spider-Man. Then, the crack to my dangerous Batman withdrawal The Dark Knight Rises. And finally, the perfect way to cap off a super year with Kal-El himself. This was going to be our year, people! And they’ve RUINED IT.

I know, I’m being way too melodramatic. It’s not like they’re scrapping the movie entirely. But what with the imminent apocalypse, they might as well be. After all, only Superman could have saved the world from total annihilation…but he had to delay his premiere. What happened to you, Clark? You used to love us.