Did Zod Just Kick Superman in the Nuts in This New ‘Man of Steel’ Poster?

Thanks to the graces of Earth’s yellow sun and substantial deficit of Kryptonite, Clark Kent has a pretty handy arsenal of abilities. He can withstand bullets, fire, windstorms, and sub-zero temperatures… but any Man, no matter how Super, will crumble when kicked in the nuts.

Such seems to be the fate that has overtaken the Man of Steel hero in this new poster for the film. As he soars mightily above the city of Metropolis, Superman wears the unmistakable countenance of someone who has just been barrelled below the belt. Could this be the nefarious work of General Zod?

Credit: Warner Bros.

Of course, we’re likely to see Kent undertake challenges a bit more severe than the aforementioned groin injury in Zack Snyder’s upcoming movie — existential crises and villainous plots of world domination among them. Watch Henry Cavill embody the caped hero with this and many other perplexing facial expressions on June 14.

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