New ‘Man of Steel’ Poster: My, What a Long Cape You Have, Superman!

So at first, Zack Snyder seemed so committed to the gritty soulfulness aesthetic that informs Man of Steel that he barely seemed interested in showing Henry Cavill’s Superman as, well, Superman. In the trailers we saw Clark as a schoolkid rescuing his classmates from a bus disaster. And we saw him all grown up, bearded, strapping, and working on a fishing boat. (I guess working on a fishing boat is more lucrative than being a newspaper reporter these days.) The flying footage was kept to a minimum, and we were barely treated to a full body-shot of Cavill in the iconic tights and cape.  

Boy, how that’s changed! It’s a bird? It’s a plane? No, it’s the striking new poster of Superman — with cape! — flying toward that sweet, sweet superpower-giving sunlight. Check it out:

Credit: Warner Bros

But considering how literal-minded and pedestrian most posters are today, this is a refreshing bit of abstraction, don’t you think? 

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