Is Superman Drowning in a Pile of a Skulls in New ‘Man...

Is Superman Drowning in a Pile of a Skulls in New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer?

Man of Steel

Credit: Warner Bros.

First off, we’ve begun to wonder: can Superman drown? Would submerging Clark Kent in a body of water for an extended period of time at least take a toll on his lung and brain activity, or would the ordeal prove to be of no real consequence? And secondly (a far more pertinent question, as it seems): if he can drown, do these same principles of drowning apply when it is not water in which he is submerged, but a sea of festering human skulls? Gross, we know, but it seems to be a situation presented in the new Man of Steel trailer, which either pits Superman in a colossal heap of peril at the hands of the nefarious Emperor Zod, or has him competing on the next season of Fear Factor. In the below video, Zod delivers a booming threat to Planet Earth as Superman punches, flies, and skull-drowns through an action-heavy two minutes. Check out the trailer, and catch Man of Steel in theaters June 14.

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