New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Filled with Big Questions, Bigger Explosions

Credit: Warner Bros.

When a movie can manage provocative inqueries about the meaning of life and the nature of humankind, all the while blowing a whole ton of sh** up in really cool ways, you’ve got yourself a surefire winner. Director Zack Snyder seems to have put to rest any dwindling reservations we had left about his forthcoming Superman movie Man of Steel with a new trailer, debuted by Warner Bros. at CinemaCon.

The three-minute-long video spans the duration of our caped hero’s life, introducing baby Kal-El on an apocalyptic Krypton, meeting a bewildered Clark Kent grappling with his unique identity, and concluding with the myserious stranger charged with the upholding of truth, justice, and the American way: Superman. While the trailer does indeed take a good deal of time delving deep into the anchored psyche of Henry Cavill’s high-flying character, with a take on the DC staple that feels fascinatingly both grounded in tradition and wholly fresh, it hardly skimps on the action, employing a vengeful Zod (Michael Shannon) and his explosive army to showcase the threat against the impenetrable alien.

Check out the trailer below, and catch Man of Steel in theaters June 14.

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