‘Man of Steel’: Count the Superman Super Powers — TV SPOT

“If you could have any super power, what would it be?” asked your college roommate twice a week. Diving deep into this quandary, you consider your favorite comic book heroes as models: the Flash’s sonic speed. The Hulk’s super strength. Aquaman’s underwater prowess. And then, of course, there’s Superman, who spans the spectrum with a slew of special abilities — in his various forms, we’ve seen Superman exhibit a vast number of super powers, many of which are present in the new TV spot for Man of Steel. Watch the video below — how many can you spot?


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Harnessing solar power:

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Super strength:

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

But these are just a few of Clark Kent’s many powers. From George Reeves on, we’ve seen Superman utilize x-ray vision, superhuman breath, and heightened senses (hearing and smell, most notably). What other great feats will we see Henry Cavill manage in Man of Steel?

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