See What’s Going on in Keanu Reeves’ Head with First Trailer for Directorial Debut, ‘Man of Tai Chi’

Into the mind of Keanu Reeves we go with Man of Tai Chi, the actor’s first go at a directorial role. None too surprisingly, Reeves’ project embodies the theme of martial arts — a motif that launched his career in ’99 with the utterance of a simple, unnecessarily staccato phrase: “I know kung-fu.” But what does raise a few eyebrows is just how affixed the Matrix vet is to the sidelines in the above trailer, in which he also stars.

Credit: Universal Pictures

Reeves plays the mastermind behind a nefarious fighting ring, attempting to transform a noble fighter (Tiger Hu Chen) into a savage killer. While the trailer serves up a healthy dose of fisticuffs and fancy footwork, Reeves sticks firmly to the shadows, unraveling his villainous ploy as the young men around him risk their lives in the ring. There are hints that Reeves might step into the action, but do we think he’ll relive his high-flying Neocity in Man of Tai Chi?

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