Mark Ruffalo To Play Hulk In ‘The Avengers’?

Mark RuffaloWhen it comes to making movies, Marvel Entertainment moves fast. The company’s cornerstone comic books often face long delays, but no time is wasted when hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars in theatrical grosses are at stake. A firestorm of negativity has surrounded the production house since Edward Norton was cut loose from the role of The Incredible Hulk in the 2012 tentpole The Avengers and now the company may or may not face even more fan backlash with this latest casting rumor.

Deadline is reporting that Mark Ruffalo is in late-stage talks to play Bruce Banner, the genetically troubled scientist who breaks both bones and buildings when he gets angry. The actor recently signed on with UTA and is moving quickly to get involved in the big-budget superhero dream team, which would see him work with Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson and others.

Though Ang Lee’s 2003 Hulk film failed to attract a global audience and was ridiculed by many, I found star Eric Bana to be just fine as Banner and would rather see him reprise the role than watch a third actor in less than ten years play the mean greenie. In my opinion, Ruffalo is NOT the right fit. Everything that I’ve ever seen him do is monotonous; it’s as if you could take his role from one film and place it in another seamlessly without it disrupting the movie. He’s essentially “Mark Ruffalo” in every performance and Bruce Banner/The Hulk is certainly not “Mark Ruffalo”. We’ll continue to follow this rumor as it develops…

Source: Deadline