Mark Wahlberg Closing In On MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’

ALT TEXTMarky Mark must wuv his teddy bear.

Mr. Wahlberg is currently in final talks to star in Seth McFarlane‘s — creator of Family Guy — upcoming feature directing debut, Ted.

The project, written by McFarlane, Alec Sulkin, and Wellesley Wild, tells the story of a grown man whose lovable old teddy bear comes to life because of a childhood wish. McFarlane will voice the bear.

Nothing is final yet, but it’s an interesting choice for Wahlberg. And it actually might work quite well, because surprisingly, he’s actually a pretty funny actor. Anyone remember his character in I Heart Huckabees? Plus, this past summer he stretched his comedic side even further with Will Ferrell in The Other Guys. And on top of that, he’s always good in his Entourage cameos. Here’s the thing about Marky Mark and being funny. The key to his success is to not take himself too seriously because whenever he does — see The Happening — he’s pretty awful. (And I mean, really, really bad).

Plus, with this being McFarlane’s project, I feel that he’ll handle directing Wahlberg successfully. For example, anyone else remember when Family Guy mocked the “annoyed and confused” Wahlberg? I’m pretty sure McFarlane knows exactly what makes the seasoned actor funny, and will no doubt exploit that. And if Wahlberg decides against it, they could always cast Andy Samberg to take his place.

Source: Variety